Our Solutions Services

Seabourne provide unique, high quality logistics solutions for manufacturers, importers, distributors, and wholesalers. We boast a wide range of specialist skills throughout a dedicated team of experts, allowing us to solve intricate problems and provide cost-effective solutions to customers. Our expanding solutions encompass many different areas of expertise including reconditioning of returned items, alteration to meet regional standards, laser etching and embroidery.

Returns do not necessarily equate to a headache for retailers. Once through our reverse logistics system, we can help you to maximise your revenue on these items by getting them back to market in an ‘as new’ condition, either through your own route or through our eBay shop. Whether it’s furniture, tools, crockery, or toys, we can help you generate further sales following an agreed process of refurbishment. This can be completed quickly and effectively, reducing your write-offs and adding value to your bottom line.

Our in-house HK laser etcher is extremely flexible and can handle high volume as well as shorter, more bespoke runs. It is used by some of the leading tool hire companies and manufacturers to manage assets and provide security to their products. Laser etching is not limited to these two areas; we provide brand etching for some clients as well as stock management markers for others.

A more effective way of presenting your product to market is by using any one of our three wrapping machines. Overwrapping (cigarette packet style) or heat shrinking is used by many clients for bundling software, video and games offers, and reconfiguring retail packs. Combine this service with our bespoke carton manufacturing ability and we provide very flexible options.

Seabourne’s new embroidery capabilities provide added value services to our customers. The service is available for any items of clothing or headwear, and can be provided on an individual basis or while stock is under Seabourne’s management.

Ideally suited for wholesalers, importers, and retailers, our inspection and testing service is tailored to suit your products. From basic QA to flash and PAT testing of electrical items, and technical fault finding supported by tear down reports, a full range of services are available at Seabourne.

Our reworking service covers a broad range of solutions, from refurbishing power tools through to changing components on light fittings, and upgrading children’s toys so they meet UK/EU specification. There are no limits to what we can rework on your behalf. Seabourne have been successfully providing this service to a number of blue chip companies and high street retailers for over 25 years.