Our Supply Chain

Supply chain is our brand name for our third party logistics service. We provide clients with an integrated operation; order fulfilment, storage and distribution being the core elements, all of which can be scaled and customised to fit all clients’ requirements. Modern business practices combined with decades of experience and a focussed specialist team give us the edge over large 3PL providers.

We use Manhattan Scale® to manage the storage, picking and packing of orders and COGI® to manage the least cost route despatch to your customer. This industry leading software combined with our group and partner distribution services gives clients tangible operational and financial benefits.

Manhattan Scale® is the core of our service, managing your products from receipt through to despatch. The weight, size, description, and even ownership within your company is recorded at receipt, which lays the foundation for managing your stock in the most efficient way. Access to our Manhattan® system is not exclusive to Seabourne; our clients can manage their own stock, input order details, and select reports online completely securely from a live system, providing transparency.

From receipt to despatch, Manhattan® and COGI® are working for you. At receipt your stock code is recorded on Manhattan®, and the dimensions of the shipping carton and the inner carton are recorded along with the weights for both. A full description and even the internal owner of the stock can be recorded for the route to market or brand owner allocation.

Manhattan® directs the workflow through the operation and electronically tags every movement. It operates to all FCFS rules for stock selection including batch control, quarantines, maximum call offs by allocation or date and units of issue. Programmed minimum stock levels working with the allocated purchase orders means we can manage your call downs from your suppliers, keeping you up to date through Manhattan’s extensive reporting facilities.

Needless to say, Manhattan® can report on every element of your stock management and, because we use Business Objects® to manage this data, it is completely flexible and can be delivered to your inbox when you need it.

Our picking process is driven by Manhattan®, and it tells our pickers where, how many, in what UOI, and to what priority, all based on the rules we agree with you. All picking is completed using hand held terminals linked through Wi-Fi so the status of a shipment or stock level is live, always.

Once picked, your order is prepared and packed by people who know your stock. The right type of packaging is selected based on the nature of the goods, taking into account how fragile or bulky they are, and the destination and mode of transport. Customer branded documentation can be provided in the form of invoices, packing slips, or just a label.

Whether your order is going to Paris, Sydney, Beijing or Accrington, we have 50 years experience in delivering customers’ orders on time. Through our comprehensive domestic network of major parcel carriers, sameday, and pallet carriers, we ensure our customers get the best balance between service and cost with a professional level of customer service. If your order is destined further afield, we can manage that through our Freight or Express divisions.

Seabourne’s reverse logistics service provides a cost-effective and simple solution to any reverse logistics requirements. Our product recall management system provides collections from both customers and retailers with an electronic log off, online report, and inventory.

For trade returns, an up-to-date inventory with password protection provides online analysis of returns data. Seabourne’s experienced technical team help our customers make informed decisions regarding repair, rework, and disposal.

Our solutions division provides the support services you often need but cannot find easily. Whether it is embroidery, laser etching, overwrapping, or shrinkwrapping, we can support your supply chain through every step.